Caroline C. Willis has been appraising books for over 20 years. Her degrees in classical Greek and Urban Studies illustrate the breadth of her familiarity with books both ancient and modern. Regular in-depth training at Rare Book School at the University of Virginia provides her with an ongoing educational background continually augmenting her expertise in the book as an artifact.

Individuals seeking insurance, estate, division of property or charitable donation valuations may contract for professional appraisal services through this website. Ms Willis also provides consulting services to those wishing to learn more about their books, or who need assistance in book disposition.

Normally an appraiser is hired to estimate value for insurance or tax purposes. For example:

  • Making sure that adequate insurance coverage is secured for a personal library.

  • To determine the extent of loss due to theft, fire, flood, etc.

  • Estate tax and deduction for charitable donation.

Additionally, appraisals are used as a basis for distribution of property due to inheritance or divorce. For the merely curious, a website such as, where hundreds of dealers list the retail prices for their books, are available.